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Pomerol is the smallest of Bordeaux appellations and is situated north of Libourne. Its relatively small vineyards produce sumptuous, exuberant wines which are constantly sought after. This appellation has not been classified, yet the wine-making standard is extremely high throughout this region.

Pomerols are the smoothest, richest, instantly appealing wines. The intense plummy fruitiness and velvet richness come from the overwhelming use of the Merlot grape (usually 80% - 100%). The wines are gentle with a lush ruby colour. These can be drunk at a younger age than most of the Cabernet Sauvignon based wines of the Medoc region. However, there are so many different producers on these small estates that the style of Pomerol is quite individual. Chateaux, such as the revered Petrus, produce a more concentrated powerful wine whilst some estates, for example L'Evangile, are smooth and silky.

The most famous Pomerol chateaux are found to the east on the 'plateau of Pomerol'. This gravel bank, which contains some clay, is terrain that supports both the Merlot and the smaller percentage of Cabernet Franc grapes that are planted. Petrus sits as an island of clay rich with iron on this plateau, and this heavier soil suits the Merlot grape used substantially at this Chateaux. The usage of these grapes give Pomerol wines their smooth suppleness, and usually allow them to mature faster than Cabernet Sauvignon based wines. Further west the ground becomes more sandy which produces wines which are light and less substantial.

The desire for Pomerol wines is generated both by the exceptional quality and by their rarity, due to the small size of the vineyards. Whilst the virtues of most Chateaux have been recognised there remains a small number of Chateaux producing wine for more modest prices.

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